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Looking for a place to receive tips on how to effectively run your church finance office or bookkeeping business? We can help! We know that church finances are unique and there's not a lot of assistance out there.

We offer exceptional training in all areas of church finances all in one place! Instead of "Googling" and looking through thousands of web pages, we provide relevant content in an organized and easy to understand format.

We have a network of experts ready to provide up-to-date, helpful, and easy to understand principles, procedures and insights into the wonderful world of church finances.

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So if you're serving on a church staff or serving churches in your profession, we are confident that we can help you do your job even better than you already are!

We help church finance personnel become confident in their role and increase their expertise and we'd love to help you as well!

If you're ready to "up your game" and increase your knowledge and expertise to better serve your church, sign up today to join others with the same passion and strive for excellence.

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